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Cat Boarding

«Pawradise» is a CAGE-FREE BOARDING resort.
Your pet will enjoy alone time in a private, spacious suite.
It is a 48 sq.ft. (6’x 8’Personal Suite).

From 1 till 20 nights — $15 per night.

After 21 nights — $10 per night.

Includes a suite, human interaction, room service/disinfection, scooping and cleaning of a litter box, food service, treatment (worms, fleas, ear ticks, etc.) upon request.
You can board three cats in one suite. The second and the third pets will receive a 50% per night discount!

Early drop-off and late pick-up are available.


For boarding, all cats must be at least 3 months old and have the following vaccinations:
— Rabies

If your cat has not been vaccinated or vaccines have expired, it can’t be boarded until 7 days after vaccinations. Please provide vaccination documentations and medical records.

All cats must be fleas and ticks free. If any parasites are discovered, fees will apply for specialized treatment.

All cats must have a name tag with an owner phone number.

Please bring your pet’s favourite bed, food and any treats.

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